Roadmap to the Future Under Construction

Roadmap to the Future is Under-Going a Complete Redesign.

While the design of our website was nice, it fell short when it came to looking towards the future. This prompted our team to embark on a mission of reasearch to determine exactly what our website needs to remain relevant in the years ahead. Now that we have the answers that we were looking for, we are building a new website that will dazzle you today and tomorrow! Unfortunately, that requires some messy construction, but our content will always be available in this period of construction. We expect the construction of our website to be completed no later than the end of October.

Thank you for your understanding, Rachel.

If you have any questions about the construction of our website you can contact us


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    • Just hang in there. I have a few weeks’ worth of development work on a couple of my websites. So you can expect some articles from me in about 3 weeks

      Cheers 😉

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